Staircase Repairs

staircase after repair

Guaranteed staircase repairs throughout Essex

Staircases are normally very strong and can handle large amounts of weight. Apart from being very difficult to break with normal use, they also don’t generally show signs of rot. The worst that may happen to them is that their spindles and handrails may loosen up a bit, or the steps may start to creak.

At such times, taking things into your own hands can cause further damage to your stairs. Why not contact the stair repair specialists that have been serving the residents of Essex and surrounding areas for more than 25 years?

Our staircase repair services cover:

• Worn treads
• Squeaks and creaks
• Missing or broken balusters
• Replacement and repairs of decorative brackets
• Replacement and repairs of spindles, posts and handrails
• Repairs of period staircases
DIY staircase repairs are not always safe, call the experts!
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